Monty Python

Fun fact: Monty Python’s word for fluoride is Fraudulin.

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Coincidentally, I first saw Monty Python not long after moving with my family to a place without fluoridated water for the first time in my life. I was in my second last year of primary school, and made friends with two brothers in my class. Their parents owned a video store, which was the only video store in that Australian country town to my knowledge. The store adjoined the family house, and my new friends wanted to show me some of their favourite videos, one of which was Life of Brian, which is still my favourite Monty Python.

The previous year my health had deteriorated, with some gastrointestinal problems and a bout of pneumonia, which I discovered many years later had been linked to fluoride exposure by renowned American allergist George Waldbott. At the time I had never heard of fluoridation, but to cut a long story short, eventually discovered as a debilitated adult that I was sensitive to fluoride, and had skeletal fluorosis. During the year I spent in that country town, my health was perfect. In contrast with the video store, and sports complex (which was quite impressive for a town of its size), I never discovered the location of the doctor’s office.

In another coincidence, Paul Connett of the Fluoride Action Network says he played soccer with John Cleese when he was studying at Cambridge University. As a young adult I visited a friend who was studying at Cambridge, and during my time there and other non-fluoridated places in Europe my health dramatically improved again. Incidentally, my friend told me his asthma improved while in Cambridge, having lived in a fluoridated city previously, before knowing why I was asking. Asthma has been linked to fluoride exposure.

The pics on this page link to new and improved Monty Python sketches which have been adjusted to the optimal funniness level. They will definitely make you laugh out loud, unless they just make you smile inside, unless they don’t. They certainly will not make you wet yourself or keel over, or make your fizzy drink come out through your nose and hurt like hell, unless you are unusually susceptible to one or more of those things, in which case I accept no legal or any other kind of responsibility for any excessive death or embarrassment so caused. So there!