The Chemical Muthas

I heard the forced-fluoridation freaks and the creeps who want to bring back leaded gasoline have gotten together and formed a superpoopin’group called The Chemical Muthas. I’ve been told this is the track listing for their debut album Muthas Gonna FU Up.

1. Robert Kehoe Is My Hero
2. The Power of Propaganda
3. Hodge the Dodge
4. That Shit’s in Your Water, It’s in Your Air, It’s Everywhere, Suck it Mofos
5. Who Wants Smart Kids Anyway?
6. Sponge Bones and Sponge Baths
7. Filters and Face Masks Are Funny
8. Teeth, Bones, Rocks, What’s the Difference?
9. Waldbott and Patterson Can Do One
10. Show Me the Data
11. We Talk, You Believe
12. Lead and Fluoride Are Natural for Fuck’s Sake
13. Always Look on the Bright Side of Shit