Polly Pollyanna

harmful and useless since 1945

Polly Pollyanna is the name of every forced-fluoridation fanatic. Polly parrots propaganda gleefully – Polly’s pollution with a smile sells industrial shit with verbal diarrhoea. Some parrots are born stupid, some parrots achieve stupidity, and some parrots have stupidity thrust upon them. With Polly Pollyanna it had been all three. Even among bird brains lacking all intelligence Polly inevitably stood out as a bird brain lacking more intelligence than all the rest.

Making a complaint about Polly would be flogging a dead parrot. Polly’s brain isn’t dead, it’s been resting… since January 1945, on account of it being nailed to the bottom of its cage.

Forced-fluoridation – Polly’s pollution with a smile.fluoride-dead-parrot-wt-compressed