Freedom fighting: how to end forced-fluoridation


If you want to win the fight against the fluoridationists and put an end to forced-fluoridation, here is a list of strategies which may help. Most people won’t be able to do all of these things, including me, so do what you can and try to focus on what you think will be most effective.

1. Join, or start, a local campaign
If talking to locals and searching for websites has not revealed a forced-fluoridation freedom fighting group where you live, you might be able to find one on one of the big, corporate, pseudo-social media platforms – or if you’re really lucky, a smaller platform. If you don’t think your local group is up to the job, or if there isn’t one, start your own.
A cat using its paw to push the head of another cat into a food bowl. The cat with its head in the bowl has its eyes closed and does not look comfortable. Text: Forced-fluoridation is a violent act not an opinion
2. Educate yourself
Many books, reports, and articles have been written on forced-fluoridation and fluoride toxicity, some of which are available for free. As it happens, much of the best material has been written by people with scientific or medical qualifications, though not all. (I have scientific qualifications myself, in case you’re wondering.) It cannot be overemphasised, however, that everyone who wants to terminate forced-fluoridation has every right to defend themselves and others against it on human rights grounds, regardless of their qualifications or knowledge of the health or environmental effects.
3. Spread the word
Various means of communication can be used, from small to large scale, both online and offline. A combination of online and on the ground activity appears to work best. There are still many people living in enemy territory who don’t know that such a thing as forced-fluoridation exists. There are many more who do know it exists, and are against it, but should be reminded frequently about what is being done to them and their communities, and enlisted to the cause if possible. Don’t waste time trying to convince fluoridationists they are wrong, or assume that the majority opinion will automatically be reflected in public policy. Real democracy is a good idea, but not something which has ever actually existed in any nation-state.
4. Take legal action

Forced-fluoridation is illegal on many counts, but the law is not being enforced. There is a first time for everything, though. If you or your children have dental fluorosis, another tack is to sue for damages, which is likely to be successful as I understand it.

(The US Environmental Protection Agency is currently subject to legal action for its failure to protect the public from excessive fluoride concentrations in drinking water. Some of the world’s top experts in developmental neurotoxicity testified against it in the phase of the court action which began on 8 June 2020 and ended on Wednesday, 17 June, having already submitted written declarations. The court proceedings were conducted by video and streamed live online, and having watched every minute, I can say that the case made against the EPA was extremely strong. Unfortunately the judge, Edward Chen, decided to put the case on hold until 6 August. On 6 August he kicked the can down the road again, this time until 5 November, on which date he delayed yet again until 10 December, until that date was changed to 7 January 2021, which was later changed to 22 April, with yet another status hearing initially scheduled for 26 August and then changed to 14 September, then to 18 January 2022. Chen is clearly a perpetrator of forced-fluoridation himself, even though it is obvious to me that he knows the EPA is in the wrong. The US “justice system” has failed yet again.)

5. Don’t give your money to fluoridationists

Dentists in force-fluoridated areas make a lot of money from cosmetically treating dental fluorosis. They are literally profiting from poisoning children. Doctors, other health practitioners, and pharmaceutical companies are also profiting from skeletal fluorosis and other adverse health effects. You may be able to find dentists, doctors, and so on in your area who have stood up for your right not to be medicated without your informed consent via the Professionals Statement on the Fluoride Action Network website. Otherwise, a biological or holistic dentist may be the next best option for your teeth. Whatever you do, don’t give your money to freaks who publicly support forced-fluoridation.

You can also boycott Colgate-Palmolive, which spends millions funding fluoridationist pseudoscience at The University of Adelaide and elsewhere, and which indoctrinates children in schools and kindergartens. Colgate-Palmolive has many different brands. In some cases, there may also be opportunities to boycott the companies which are making money from selling their industrial fluoride pollution to governments. For example, in Australia phosphate fertiliser manufacturer CSBP sells its hexafluorosilicic acid waste product as a fluoridation chemical. CSBP is owned by Wesfarmers, which also owns major retailing chains such as Bunnings and Officeworks. If people buy less industrial (i.e. non-organic) food it will also weaken the phosphate fertiliser industry, which is the main seller of fluoride pollution.

6. Don’t vote for authoritarian political parties or candidates
To my knowledge, every major political party in Australia, Canada, England, Ireland, New Zealand, and the US is guilty of perpetrating forced-fluoridation. This contrasts with the situation in most of the rest of the world, including Europe, where it has either been stopped or was never inflicted.
7. Think about who your real friends are
If someone wants to deliberately ingest extra fluoride it’s up to them, and they can take it individually just as they would take any other pharmaceutical or dietary chemical individually. In contrast, forced-fluoridation is a blatant abuse of human rights, and anyone who supports it is not your friend. Morally, an unrepentant fluoridationist is no better than an unrepentant war criminal, paedophile, or other violent criminal. Ignorance of the consequences is not a valid excuse.
8. Anything else you can think of which hits the fluoridationists where it hurts
When the political system fails, it’s time for popular justice or revolution, and preferably both.
US $100 bill under a magnifying glass, with the words "In God We Trust" replaced by "In Fool Aid I Trust". Text at top: The word fluoridationist is code for In Fool Aid I Trust – Text in middle: Don't drink the Fool-Aid
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