Forced-fluoridation freedom fighters are dedicated to terminating human rights abuse in the form of artificial water fluoridation, and this site is run by one of those fighters. I am fluoride sensitive, and trying to recover from skeletal fluorosis. I have been avoiding fluoride exposure as much as I can since 2004, and campaigning against forced-fluoridation online since late 2012, mostly under the names of Dan Germouse and Joe Bloggs. Here in Australia every major city, and many other places, are force-fluoridated.

My Facebook page is also called Forced-fluoridation Freedom Fighters. I am not formally aligned with, or dependent on, any group or political party, and therefore free to speak my mind. At the same time, it is good to know that there are many other forced-fluoridation freedom fighters in Australia and around the world, and that the movement is growing and has had many recent successes.

My educational background is mostly in the physical sciences. Those who think that such an education is not relevant to a discussion of fluoride’s health effects presumably also think that Clair Patterson was wrong about leaded gasoline, and Robert Kehoe right. There are many good sources of information on fluoride and forced-fluoridation online, and this site aims to complement those, not to be a comprehensive resource.


Do you want to get rid of forced-fluoridation, and exercise your human right to choose your own medical interventions?


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  1. Joy Warren

    Hi Dan Germouse

    This is Joy at West Midlands Against Fluoridation (UK). Can I please place your page on fluoride accumulation in bone on my website as a guest article and also link to your website? Have you yet read “The Secret War and the Fluoride Conspiracy by Dr Geoffrey E Smith? This is a difficult-to-find publication which is out of print. It contains some pages on fluoride accumulation in bone which add to our knowledge of the issue. I’d be pleased to scen them and attach them to an email. If this agreeable, please reply to wmaf@live.co.uk. With best wishes. Joy

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