Here in Australia all of the major cities, and many other places, are occupied by the force-fluoridating enemy. Forced fluoridation freedom fighters everywhere are determined to end human rights abuse in the form of spiking public water supplies with fluoride pollution, and this site belongs to one of those fighters. I am fluoride sensitive, and trying to recover from skeletal fluorosis. I have been avoiding fluoride exposure as much as I can since 2004, and campaigning against forced fluoridation online since late 2012.

I have two degrees in the physical sciences from one of Australia’s Group of Eight universities, one of which is an honours degree, and was also offered an honours place for the other degree. (Those who think that such an education is not relevant to a discussion of fluoride’s health effects presumably also think that Clair Patterson was wrong about leaded gasoline, and Robert Kehoe right.) I have read a large amount of material on this subject, including systematic reviews, books, and much of the primary literature, and most of what I know is not apparent from having a look around the site. There are many good (and many not so good) sources of information on fluoride and forced fluoridation. There will inevitably be some overlap between the former sources and this site, but the aim is to complement them not replicate their content, which is part of the rationale behind the Monty Python section, the other satire, the songs, and the galleries, and for providing very selective information on health effects.

My Twitter and Facebook pages are also called Forced Fluoridation Freedom Fighters. I am not formally aligned with, or dependent on, any group or political party, and therefore free to speak my mind. At the same time, it is good to know that there are many other forced fluoridation freedom fighters, and that the movement is growing and has had many recent successes. I don’t post much on Facebook these days, but you can follow my Twitter account for info on new articles and major updates on this site.

Glass of water. Text: Is a phosphate fertiliser company doing its business in your water?