Forced fluoridation wing of the Nuremberg Hall of Shame

1. Fluoridationist twaddle
Long article on the extreme hypocrisy of Dr Michael Gannon, who shamelessly promoted forced fluoridation while Australian Medical Association president. The article has sections on both ethics and science, debunks many of the most common fluoridewit arguments, and takes aim at Gannon’s favourite source, the Murdoch media.
2. Edward Bernays, master propagandist
Short article on the role of Edward Bernays in propagandising for forced fluoridation, plus selected quotes from his book Propaganda
3. Colgate-Palmolive boycott
Short article on the need for a boycott of Colgate-Palmolive
4. The University of Calgary’s Dr Lindsay McLaren
Quick comparison of the contrast between the conclusion of one of Lindsay McLaren’s “studies” and quotes from her in Canada’s legacy media
5. Dr Paul T Morrison of Harvard University
Short to medium length article on Paul Morrison’s pathetic reliance on appealing to authority
6. Joke Mullen, forced fluoridation “expert”
My response to Joe Mullen’s disinformation in a 2013 radio debate with The Girl Against Fluoride (Aisling Fitzgibbon). Mullen was a member of the Irish Expert Body on Fluorides and Health at the time.
7. Dr Kevin Snee spits the dummy
Short article on a tantrum thrown by New Zealand doctor and professional fluoridewit Kevin Snee