How many fluoridationists does it take to change a lightbulb?

Fluorirapists change light bulbs in gangs, and they change them by breaking them, not replacing them. After smashing every light bulb in your home and the rest of your city, and trying to black out the sun with industrial pollution, and charging you for the privilege, they tell you it has been scientifically proven that permanent darkness is good for everyone, especially poor children. They say that if you are silly enough to want light you can replace your light bulbs, but only in your home and providing it doesn’t infringe on other people’s right to enjoy the public health benefits of permanent darkness. Only light bulbs which produce less than 10% of the light of the old ones, and cost more than 10 times as much, are made available. If the forced-fluorifuckation freaks could slow down the speed of light they would, but they haven’t worked that one out yet.